Winner of the Menzer Law Seattle 2021 Support the Community Scholarship

by | Oct 26, 2021 | Firm News

2021 Seattle Scholarship Winner

The Menzer Law is pleased to announce that student Abby Zhou has been selected as the recipient of its 2021 Support the Community Scholarship. This scholarship was offered as a way to recognize students who gave back by volunteering with a non-profit organization in their community. Through this scholarship, we hope to help to reduce the amount of debt that our winner will have to take on to obtain her degree – and support a non-profit doing critical work in our community.

2021 Seattle Scholarship Winner

Our 2021 scholarship winner, Abby Zhou, will receive a $2,500 scholarship for tuition and fees. In addition, the non-profit organization where she volunteered, Team Read, will receive a $1,000 donation from the Menzer Law. Please join us in congratulating Abby!

Meet Our Winner: Abby Zhou

A 2021 graduate of Franklin High School in Seattle, Abby Zhou has matriculated to the University of Washington, Seattle. At UW, she will study business. Abby was a standout student at Franklin, graduating with a 3.99 grade point average and regularly earning a spot on the President and Dean’s List. In addition, she was awarded the Dell Scholarship, a national award given to high school students who have overcome significant financial and personal challenges in high school. Abby moved to Seattle with her family as a young child. Her parents chose Seattle for the educational opportunities, but often had difficulty making ends meet. Her dad worked 12 hour shifts as a cook, while her mom balanced two separate waitressing jobs. Abby lived in a small one-story house with 7 other family members, sharing a room with a younger sister and her grandparents.  As her parents struggled to afford the high cost of living in Seattle, there were few opportunities for Abby to be exposed to resources to help her succeed. She became quiet and withdrawn in school, and fell behind in her schooling. In second grade, a teacher enrolled Abby in Team Read. Over time, she became less intimidated by reading – and became an outstanding student in her own right. By age 14, Abby began tutoring young students through Team Read. Over the course of her high school career, she took on increasing responsibilities with Team Read. Ultimately, she became the Team Read site assistant, taking charge of 60 students and tutors. Her goal was to close the education gap and foster a connection with the students in the program, particularly those students who – like Abby – came from underrepresented backgrounds.Abby, we are thankful for the work that you have done to educate and inspire students throughout Seattle through Team Read. We wish you the best of luck at UW!

About Team Read

Team Read is an after-school program that pairs teen middle and high school students with second and third-grade students who are at least one year below grade level in reading proficiency. This dual-impact model helps younger students become confident, joyful leaders – while giving teens the work and life skills that they need as they transition to college and future employment.Each week, students in the Team Read program meet for two one-on-one tutoring sessions after school, with the primary focus being getting students up to grade level in reading. Team Read works predominantly in Seattle, Highline, Renton, and Tukwila, supporting students in 20 elementary schools. It also works with students in two elementary schools in Highline. By 2018, nearly 20,000 local students had participated in Team Read since it was founded in 1998. According to data from Team Read, 71% of students who started the school year below grade level in reading experienced at least one grade level of growth after participating in the program.

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