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Seattle Assault Attorney

Victims of assault experience a range of emotions, from fear and vulnerability to anger and frustration; and that doesn’t even count the often devastating injuries and the associated physical and emotional pain and suffering.

Assault is obviously a crime. Your assailant is most likely being charged with assault and possibly other serious crimes. You may think that the District Attorney is handling everything for you as far as compensation for your injuries or other losses. That is not the case.

Where Is Your Justice?

Your assailant may be prosecuted for his or her crimes; but fines and jail time won’t benefit you. In Washington, the State has a victim compensation fund that you may be able to access, but any such awards typically cover only medical bills and other out of pocket expenses. Pain and suffering and permanent disabilities are not covered. In order for you to receive just compensation, civil litigation is your best option.

Most people assume that violent criminals cannot be effectively sued for money damages because they have no assets or other means to pay a settlement or court judgment. Often though, perpetrators of assault especially in cases of sexual assault, have assets that can be seized or forfeited to cover civil damage claims. In other instances, insurance is available to cover the acts of employees, homeowners or business owners.

When Should You Call A Lawyer?

You don’t have to wait until after the criminal case is resolved to give Menzer Law Firm to start a civil claim against your assailant. In fact, by beginning sooner rather than later, important evidence and information can be developed and be preserved for your civil case. A civil trial follows different rules and precedent than criminal courts. Evidence that might not be admissible in a criminal trial can be a key factor in a civil case.

An assault is a tragic event. When the victims are left to pay for the damages themselves, the tragedy is only made worse. If you or a loved one has been assaulted, give us a call as soon as you can. As an experienced assault attorney, Matt Menzer has the compassion, understanding, and knowledge to help you achieve proper closure, receive the compensation you deserve, and be able to move forward with your life.

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