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Seattle Failure to Diagnose Attorney

Nothing is as frustrating as not feeling well and knowing in your heart that something is seriously wrong, only to be told that you are fine. Concerned, you seek a second opinion. This time the new doctor suggests, maybe in a condescending tone, that your symptoms are harmless or possibly imagined, or that you shouldn’t rely on the Internet for your information. And the problem is ignored.

Eventually, the conditions gets worse or pain becomes unbearable. You return to your primary care physician who this time orders the right test or X-ray. The results not only indicate a serious problem but show that it has been ignored for far too long.

How Could This Happen?

Unfortunately, doctors in many practices and hospital groups have been literally been put on the clock. Management committees and the accountants inform them how much time they can spend with each patient to stay profitable. Sometimes doctors don’t spend the time necessary to listen to their patients or consider the alternatives that are needed to accurately diagnose a problem. When this happens, your doctors can misdiagnose or fail to diagnose a serious condition until it is either too late or it becomes very difficult to treat the problem.

This isn’t what you expect or deserve from your doctor and our American medical system. If doctors or hospital personnel fail to properly diagnose your medical condition, or they delay the diagnosis and harm your chances of recovery, they can and should be held liable for failing to do their jobs.

Finding The Right Legal Representation

Choosing the right attorney to help you receive just compensation after you have become the victim of a failure to diagnose is important. With over twenty-five years of experience dealing with medical mistakes, Matt Menzer brings not only a wealth of understanding about your situation, but also valuable relationships with doctors and surgeons who can testify on your behalf.

If you have been the victim of medical failure to diagnose, or delayed diagnosis give Menzer Law Firm a call today. We can help.

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