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Seattle Medication Errors Attorney

It would be hard to imagine modern health care without pharmaceutical medications. Medication can heal us, alleviate pain, rid us of harmful symptoms, and save us from deadly infections. Medications are big business, and it is becoming a greater and greater part of the medical care that we all receive. Consequently, new drugs are introduced every year that can do what last year’ drug didn’t. And with the introduction of each new drug comes new potential side effects and harmful interactions that doctors and pharmacists must be aware of.

Estimates of “adverse drug events” (ADEs) in hospitals and long-term care facilities are over one million ADEs per year. This estimate includes medication errors, but doesn’t account for mistakes and interactions that occur at home because of improperly prescribed medication or even the misreading a doctor’s prescription by the pharmacist. These estimates also don’t include events where medication should have been prescribed but wasn’t, and where a medication was improperly withdrawn or withdrawn too quickly.

How A Medication Error Affects You

Since medication is an integral component of your health care, medication errors are not acceptable. Whether you were prescribed the wrong medication, or multiple medications that had harmful interactions or side-effects, the consequences can be life-threatening or even deadly.

If you have already experienced the negative effects of a medication or pharmacy error, then you may need to be seen by a doctor other than your own to determine the best course of action for your health. Your health should be your primary concern.

Experienced Representation

As an experienced medication error and pharmacy error attorney, Matt Menzer knows how to handle these types of cases. The injuries, side effects and medical bills that may arise from the medication errors should be taken care of by the responsible parties. We consult with doctors and pharmacists to determine the full ramifications of the error. They can testify on your behalf, if needed.

If you feel you have been the victim of a medication error or a pharmacy error, call Menzer Law Firm today. We will help you receive the compensation and care you need.

Types of Medical Malpractice Cases

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