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Seattle Motorcycle Accident Attorney

A motorcycle offers so much more than a car ever could. A motorcycle is the epitome of freedom and rebellion all wrapped up in a socially and environmentally conscious low MPG machine. But as fun and adventurous as a motorcycle can be on its own, the negligence of other drivers on the road in their SUV’s, sedans, and trucks can make riding a motorcycle treacherous.

Despite public service announcements and warnings to watch for motorcycles, drivers with a burger or cell phone in hand may only glance before pulling out or changing lanes. For many more drivers who aren’t eating or texting, it would seem like you are completely invisible. And when they pull out and hit you or force you to lay down your bike to avoid hitting them, they will claim you are the one at fault.

How’s My Bike?

Sadly, your motorcycle didn’t survive the crash. But that is probably the smallest lost. Motorcycle accidents at almost any kind of speed can easily result in very serious injuries. Even with a helmet and the proper gear, motorcycle accidents are unforgiving. If you are seriously injured, it will take time to recover from your injuries and regain your life. In the meantime, it will be important that someone fights for rights and your future.

Beginning Your Claim

As an experienced motorcycle accident attorney, Matt Menzer knows all about the physical, emotional, and financial battles you will face over the next long while. It’s important to begin the process of holding the other party liable, sooner rather than later. Witnesses need to be interviewed and critical evidence needs to be preserved. Efforts should begin as soon as possible to obtain just compensation for your losses.

Unfortunately, in most motorcycle accidents, the insurance company attorneys will try to argue that you are partially liable for the accident. However, the fact that you are driving a motorcycle should diminish the negligence of the driver, and we would show that.

Negotiating For Your Future

Injuries sustained in a motorcycle accident can have lifelong ramifications and any settlement or court judgment may have to cover your medical and financial needs far into the future. We will fight for the compensation you will need today and tomorrow. Call us as soon as you can and let’s get started.

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