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Wrongful Death Attorney in Seattle

A wrongful death lawsuit is a tragic event. It means someone you love is gone. It may have been an accident that happened in the blink of an eye or it may have been a prolonged event brought on by medical negligence. You and your family may be left facing catastrophic medical bills, devastating losses of income, and other expenses. When it comes to unfair, a wrongful death tops the list.

Your Lawsuit is Important

Even though a wrongful death lawsuit can’t right the wrong enough to bring back your loved one, it is an important legal case. It seeks to compensate you for the medical expenses, economic losses, and all the pain you suffer from your loss. It can also hold society in check and force people to be more responsible. When a company or any person or professional negligently causes the death of another, the financial consequences from a wrongful death lawsuit hold them accountable and remind them of the responsibilities they have to the public. It can never bring back your loved one, but a lawsuit may prevent something similar from happening again.

Experienced and Compassionate

Matt Menzer has handled many wrongful death lawsuits. He knows the sensitivity and the professionalism required to best represent you during this difficult process. He has the skills and experience to obtain the compensation you deserve and help you obtain a semblance of closure.

These sad situations often have a statute of limitations. If you have suffered the loss of a loved one, it is important to contact us as soon as you can. Don’t accept any settlement from an insurance company. The money they offer isn’t the compensation you need or deserve.

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