Seattle Life And Accidental Death Insurance Lawyers

Your parent or spouse may have planned for the future. They may have worried about the risk of their passing unexpectedly and responded by purchasing life or accidental death insurance. The purpose of these policies is to provide your family with some financial security. Depending on the type of policy your loved one purchased, it may provide enough to cover the funeral, burial and medical expenses, or it may provide a substantial amount of income.

After your loved one’s passing, you may have put in your claim for the life or accidental death insurance benefits that you are due, only to be denied. In the event of a wrongly denied insurance claim, we recommend you call us at Menzer Law. Our experienced Seattle insurance attorneys will fight for you to receive the benefits provided by the policy. Call us today at 206.903.1818.

Life And Accidental Death Insurance

There are many kinds of life insurance policies, but generally, they are intended to pay out benefits to the designated beneficiaries when the policyholder passes away within the term of that policy. In most life insurance policies, it does not matter whether the policyholder passes away from an illness or accident.

Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D) Insurance pays out to a beneficiary when the policyholder passes away due to an accident, such as a car crash. This type of policy does not usually provide benefits if the policyholder passes away due to an illness or other natural causes.

When your loved one passes away, it is important to identify the type of insurance policy they had and understand all the terms of that policy. If there is any confusion or disagreement over what is covered by your policy, you should talk with an experienced insurance lawyer in Seattle.

Common Reasons For Life And Accidental Death Insurance Denials

Life and accidental death insurance claims are denied for various reasons. Insurers will rely on technicalities if they can to avoid paying out on the policy, even when the policyholder has paid years of premiums for the benefit of their family. If you believe your claim for insurance benefits may have been wrongly denied after a loved one’s death, call us at Menzer Law right away.

Some of the most common reasons for insurance claim denials include:

  • Missing or late premium payments: The insurer may claim that your loved one failed to pay all the premiums in a timely manner. However, it is important to review whether the policy provides for any exceptions or waivers of these payment due dates. It is also important to determine who was actually responsible for the payment default: the policyholder or the insurer.
  • Suicide: The insurer may argue that your loved one’s death was intentional and that the policy does not cover death by suicide.
  • Alcohol or drug abuse: The insurer may claim that your loved one’s alcohol and/or drug use was fully or partly responsible for their death. Insurance policies often try to exclude deaths related to alcohol or drug abuse, such as accidental overdoses.
  • Illegal activity: The insurer may allege that your loved one’s death occurred during or because of illegal activity.
  • Misrepresentations or omissions by the policyholder: The insurer may claim that your loved one failed to provide full and accurate information on their insurance application, which constituted a material misrepresentation or omission.
  • Claim error: The insurer may deny your claim for an unintentional, technical mistake, such as any errors made in the claim paperwork.
  • Beneficiary dispute: The insurer may claim that you are not the proper beneficiary under the policy.

We Are Here To Appeal Life And Accidental Death Insurance Claim Denials

If your life insurance or accidental death insurance claim was denied for one of the reasons above or for some other reason, call us at Menzer Law today. We can review the case and determine whether the claim was improperly denied. If so, our Seattle insurance claim lawyers are highly experienced in appealing such wrongly denied insurance claims.

Once you come to us, we will carefully review your loved one’s insurance policy and the alleged reasons for the denial. We will discuss the best way to proceed, and we will work with you and your family, your loved one’s medical providers and any necessary experts to establish that your loved one passed away within the parameters covered by the insurance policy.

We may initially deal with the insurance company directly and go through their administrative appeal process. However, if all appeals have been exhausted or it appears the insurance company is acting in bad faith, we may recommend filing a lawsuit against the company.

At Menzer Law, We Are Not Intimidated By Insurance Companies

Fighting an insurance company can be tough. It is not something you should do alone. By calling attorney Matt Menzer at Menzer Law, you gain an experienced and tough advocate who will represent you and pursue the maximum benefits under the policy.

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