What can cause a serious motor vehicle collision while on vacation?

by | Dec 17, 2021 | Vacation Accidents

Whether you have saved for a decade to vacation in Maui just this once or this spot has become an annual tradition, the potential for a serious motor vehicle collision always exists. Vehicle occupants can suffer devastating injuries based on numerous factors including the types of cars or trucks involved and the speeds at which they were traveling. Even in an idyllic vacation setting, vehicle collisions are a reality.

Many factors can contribute to an unsafe driving experience while on vacation, including:

  • Unfamiliar roads: Drivers might face narrow roads, different surface materials or unfamiliar turns. These factors can lead to confusion, frustration and dangerous trips.
  • Unfamiliar terrain: Vacations, by definition, mean you are in unfamiliar territory. Unfortunately, hills, curves, tree-lined roads and foliage-covered intersections can combine to create confusing, unsafe terrain.
  • Unpredictable weather: Vacations are often punctuated by unpredictable weather. Even though vacationers often list Maui as having some of the best weather on the planet, strong trade winds and sudden rain squalls can make even a simple drive treacherous.
  • Rental vehicle: While rental companies have a duty to provide safe, well-maintained vehicles to their clients, there are sill problems. First, the driver is unfamiliar with the vehicle and might not understand the braking distance, turn radius or power of the engine. Second, defective parts might be overlooked making the safe operation of the vehicle impossible.
  • Local driving customs: Even though traffic laws are generally similar no matter your U.S. vacation spot, regional differences might create some driving confusion. Different regions might rely on a variation of a traditional traffic roundabout or a different configuration of safety signals. This confusion can lead to collisions.

It is important to work with an experienced legal professional following a serious motor vehicle accident. These situations are often complex as you attempt to work with insurance carriers and the at-fault driver. It is wise to have an attorney who can unravel the various confusing levels of your personal injury claim.