What happens during childbirth that may cause an injury?

by | Mar 27, 2022 | Birth Injuries

Having a baby has gotten safer with medical advancements. However, there is still a chance something may go wrong, resulting in a birth injury.

While every circumstance differs, some commonalities make it more likely a birth injury occurs. See how the birthing process may leave a newborn with injuries.

How might childbirth go wrong?

When a mother’s body does not progress through labor, the doctors may need to help things along to avoid distress to the baby. If the membrane ruptures, leaving the baby without amniotic fluid, it cuts off the oxygen supply. Waiting too long may leave the baby with deprivation and possible brain damage.

What are common birth injuries?

Some birth injuries are evident, while others manifest later. Immediate signs include bruising caused by instruments used to assist birth through the birth canal. Fractured bones may also occur in this fashion. Serious injuries, such as brain damage, may not become obvious until months or years later.

When is a doctor responsible?

Bruises and fractures heal over time, as do some other mild birth injuries. However, for babies who suffer more permanent disabilities, an investigation may ensue to deem whether the provider or facility contributed. If the doctor did not act promptly to take a baby in distress, it may rise to malpractice. The same goes for the method of delivery. A doctor who uses forceps or vacuum extraction prematurely may injure a baby without a compelling reason for doing it.

Birth injuries may take a toll on a new family unit. Depending on the extent of the damage, a child may require a lifetime of care and getting compensation for this may prove helpful for the family.