What to do if you are injured while on vacation in Hawaii

by | Mar 22, 2022 | Personal Injury

Tourists never plan on sustaining an injury while on vacation in Hawaii.

Knowing how to proceed in these situations may improve personal and financial recovery.

Be aware of frequent tourist injuries

Vacation is a time filled with activity and adventure. It also means tourists are at higher risk for accidents. Some frequent injures sustained by visitors to Hawaii are:

  • Near drowning, spinal damage and broken bones from water sports
  • Slip-and-fall at hotel pools
  • Significant injuries from car accidents in rentals and rideshare vehicles
  • Catastrophic injuries from pedestrians versus auto accidents
  • Broken bones and internal injuries from boating accidents
  • Concussions and sprained or dislocated bones from hiking accidents

Seek medical attention first

The priority for any injured tourist is to get medical treatment immediately.  Most private and government-sponsored health insurance plans cover emergency services for out-of-area hospitals. If a tourist has minor injuries, medical documentation is still necessary should those injuries become worse over time.

Document and contact the appropriate authorities

Documenting the accident scene is vital for future reference. Tourists should take pictures, speak to witnesses and write down pertinent details. Depending on the type of accident, people should follow up with the rental car agency, personal car insurance, tourist attraction company, or local law enforcement.

Understand fault

If an accident results in injuries or damages, a tourist may seek compensation. Hawaii has laws holding negligent parties accountable. This responsibility might fall on one person or a percentage of each. Tourists can still receive compensation in shared fault situations if they are less than 50% responsible.

Understanding how to handle accidents and injuries while vacationing in Hawaii makes it easier for tourists to seek medical care and financial compensation.