What should you do if your rented jet ski flips?

by | Jul 16, 2022 | Vacation Accidents

If you are on vacation in Hawaii, you undoubtedly want to spend some time at the beach and in the water. When you arrive at the shoreline, you are sure to see several places to rent watersports equipment. If you decide to rent a jet ski, though, you should not forget about its inherent risks.

According to the U.S. Coast Guard, recreational boating fatalities and injuries are both on the rise. To ensure your jet ski adventure is fun and catastrophe-free, you should keep these statistics in mind. You also should be certain you receive enough training from the outfitter to stay safe.

Jet ski flip risk

Because they sit on top of the water, jet skis have a natural propensity to turn over in the water. When you add your body to the top of a jet ski, though, you raise its center of gravity. If you are an adult, the added weight may increase your risk of flipping the jet ski in the water.

Your safety strategy

It is important to keep the key to the jet ski firmly affixed to your body with a laniard or safety cord. This guarantees the jet ski will stop running when you fall off of it. Then, you should not panic. If you can, flip the jet ski upright and wait for the water to calm. Next, use your body’s buoyancy as leverage to launch or pull yourself back onto the watercraft.

Flipped jet skis may get water in their crankcases, making their engines not work. Ultimately, if your jet ski does not run after you flip it over, you should sit on it and wait for rescue.