4 steps to take if you are hurt while on vacation

by | Sep 19, 2022 | Personal Injury

No one includes plans for injury on their vacation itineraries, but unfortunately, accidents can occur anywhere, even on your trip. A serious injury while on vacation may lead to transportation difficulties, issues with accessing care and steep medical expenses.

If you find yourself injured while away from home, taking a few simple steps can ensure you prioritize your health and lessen future medical and legal complications.

Seek immediate medical attention.

Although you might feel tempted to wait until you return home and can see your primary physician, do not delay medical attention. Certain injuries can worsen over time without medical intervention. You will also want your medical file to reflect the full extent of your injuries for any future legal claims.

Follow your doctor’s orders.

After receiving your diagnosis, make sure you follow the exact advice of your doctor. This means that if the physician tells you to rest and elevate your injury, do not continue doing physical activities on vacation.

Notify others of your injury.

If you sustain injuries in the car, as a pedestrian, at the pool, at a restaurant, a store or other business, make sure to notify the manager and emergency services about your injury. You will want to stay at the scene of the accident. The local authorities will likely take your statement.

Collect evidence.

If it is safe to do so, take detailed pictures and videos of the scene of the accident, any equipment involved and your injuries. Collect full names and contact information of any witnesses, others involved in the accident and any physicians who assess your condition.

Overall, should you sustain injuries while vacationing, taking the above steps can help you avoid frustration and may assist in future legal action.