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Estate Litigation Attorney in Seattle

Most people are careful about who they bring home to meet the family. We understand. That is often the case when you retain a guardianship and estate litigation attorney. No matter the disagreement, the other parties may be family; and you expect them to be treated that way.

At Menzer Law Firm, we are regularly invited into the most personal of all family situations. Estate litigation is not only a complicated area of the law; it also comes fully charged with years and sometimes generations of history and expectations. We respect that. We are considerate of your feelings and wishes; we work hard to obtain the resolution you desire.

Protect Your Interests

When you are faced with matters of guardianship or estate litigation, an attorney with experience and sensitivity will become invaluable to you. As you work with other family members or associates who believe they have a stake in the outcome, having Menzer Law Firm on your side will help you protect your interests.

Matt Menzer and his associates have the qualifications, background and skills to navigate the labyrinth of trust, estate or guardianship law to determine how the will or the trust or other legal documents apply to you and your interests.

Time Sensitive

We understand that guardianship and estate litigation can sometimes be contentious matters. Many issues pertaining to estate and guardianship law are time sensitive. Give Menzer Law Firm a call today for a free initial consultation. Let us give you peace of mind today.

Call Menzer Law Firm today and let us help you with your estate questions and the legal provisions available to you.

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If you are looking for an estate litigation lawyer in Seattle, contact Menzer Law Firm!

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