Personal Injury

What should you know about dooring?

When cyclists and drivers have to interact on the road, it can often end up poorly for the cyclists. Even a parked car could potentially cause trouble for bicycles. Dooring - a phenomenon that involves a driver opening their door into the path of a cyclist - serves as...

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How to stay safe as a truck driver

Being a commercial truck driver comes with many responsibilities. For one, you likely have to work on a hectic schedule and meet tight deadlines. You may also have to transport hazardous materials across long distances. But regardless of your duties, traffic safety...

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Can You Sue a General Contractor?

Construction sites are often beehives of activity, with multiple crews working on the same job to get it done on time. With so much going on, it is little wonder that so many construction workers are hurt on the job each year. In fact, according to the Centers for...

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